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Dave Masterson's thoughts on technology happenings, personal experiences, travels, work, fun, etc.


iPhone 6?

New photos surface from what is believed to be the iPhone 6 or iPhone Air as it may be called... Here's a link to the article that discusses the findings!


More Regional Meeting pictures...

The things I experience while traveling the country... from stores to sights!

Signarama in Chandler, AZ

 Charging Station outside of Walgreens, Brighton, CO

 Golden, CO, the Coors brewery town!

 EmbroidMe of Loveland, CO

Cool biplane in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.


Saw this on the roadside, I ahd to stop and snatch a business card...


EmbroidMe in Lakewood, CO 


B-52 at Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO



Road pics

When I travel, I get to see and do things unlike what a normal week in the office would afford. Here are a few shots and funnies from the first few Regional Meetings I have attended...

Dallas Signarama - Rebranding with the new colors and logo. Plenty of stores have done this well! Windows, vehicles, storefronts and printed literature are all being upgraded.

 Waxahaxchie, TX - EmbroidMe delivery vehicle.

This old lobby display sign still lights up - it is "back stage" in one of our older Signarama stores.

Heat transfers ready to apply to the rear of black t-shirts for a bachelorette party in Califonia.

Window graphics (851 and red letters) I created and applied 27 years ago when setting up the Redwood City, Ca store.

More Signarama rebraning done right - Whittier, Ca.

View of San Francisco airport from running trail nearby my hotel.

 Be carefull where you sleep - I've been sick for a week since my stay at this place...


Visit Google HQ with Google Glass

 Facebook's new HQ

Some of today's trendiest winter styles are sold via urinal display...

The Carmel, Ca coastline area

The *new* Bay Bridge flanked by the soon to be dismantled original Bay Bridge in San Francisco.

Fitness class setting up outdoors for the Google staffers...



Regional Meetings 2014

You're traveling to visit us?

Yes we are! So far, 18 cities are on the list for first quarter Regional Meeting visits. Scott Mast and I, along with local support staff will be hosting meetings for franchisees of all brands. Your Regional Vice President and their team will be providing the details as to when and where.

Our tour will include visits to franchisee locations before and after the meetings. We both are very involved with social media, you can be sure we will be posting plenty of pictures and proof of our travels on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram!  

For what?

Our Regional Meeting swing will include information on local happenings, updates on suppliers, Training and education for franchisees and their staff, World Expo Preview, social media tips and examples and roundtable discussions. Most meetings are approximately three hours long. If meetings coincide with mealtime, we'll have food and drinks! A fantastic way to start your 2014 business year would be to make sure you're in attendance when your Regional Meeting comes to town.

"Rah-rah" high-fiving corporate propaganda?

Nope, plenty of to-the-point relevant examples that we know can help your business. 

Come and see for yourself!




Amazingly and Awesomely overdone.

In our world of Facebook posts, Twitter updates, Instagram pics and hashtags, you see plenty of claims of "awesome", "amazing" and similar boasts of the incredible. It could be a 5am workout at camp musclebound medieval magic, a wine cork found at a dollar store or something trivial performed by your six year old daughter. But it's too much. I'm not against positivity or enthusiasm, yet if everything is "off the charts" noteworthy, you're not leaving much room on the scale for things that may be truly packed with awe. Get it?

It's holiday time. It's 2013. Some things you encounter are special but they don't seem to match up to things in our past. Almost as if you can't believe that anything capable of leaving a positive strong impression could ever happen now, we're too buried in media and times have changed. It was "better back then," when the naive dreams of youth were still possible. I say pooooh to all of that! Two recent events, performed and captured on purpose for that "viral video" effect, are fabulous and I want to help spread the good feelings these short videos represent. Have a look...

For me and the millions of others that have seen these great deeds, it is moving to know that so much GOOD can come from others. We get enough crazy and warped news all year long. There are amazing and very awesome things all around us. Let them make you feel special and let them help you see things in a new way. These acts are most memorable and will hopefully spawn copycat acts that get equal or greater exposure. Why can't we ride a wave of domino-like good deeds? And recognize them as such, because they really deserve that top billing!