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Rock to the Top!So this is it, the first post.  Since visiting Australia for our annual franchisee conference, I have been excited to start and maintain a blog.  Not that everyone will be enthralled with what I'm thinking, but some might care to read, comment and interact. That's what this is about.  If this forum allows friends, coworkers and business associates to level out and contribute to the dialogue and it grows, we all win.  As I pointed out in my Web 2.0 session during our "Rock to the Top" expos,


           None of us are as smart as ALL of us!


Let's start with this premise.  I like to write, and this will be WAY more frequently updated than the quarterly Bits 'N Bytes article for the franchisee magazine. I can dabble with the status of projects and upcoming releases.  Really exciting will be reporting back to everyone about trade show findings and announcements, while I'm sitting at the show!  I'll also be posting updates to a twitter account for more elementary blasts of news & info. (Visit my twitter page).  Be forewarned, the twitter thing is full of trivial happenings, what I may have eaten for lunch, local weather today wherever I am, etc.  But it's part of the social networking fabric, this "keep everyone in your circle of influence in tune with what you're doing" mindset, so I expect to keep it fluid and populated with current happenings.  Try it out if you like, you can become a follower of my twitter feed and you'll get all of my updates sent to your twitter page - which is free to join... twitter signup 

Remember the very first email you ever sent?  I don't remember mine.  But this may someday be just as significant - my first blog entry.  I promise they'll get better content-wise than this.  And I'll always look to write what I see and feel, not just report the facts otherwise you'd be reading wikipedia. Minus most of that cavernous knowledge!


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