World Expo 2012 - Rio Hotel and Casino, Las VegasCreate a self-inflicted bio?  Sure!

I try to keep my blog current so that some will read, some will comment, and all will grow as a result. Consider these musings similar to making phone calls to friends, conversations held during a long run, or dinner talks with family. Better still, this medium has pictures, and links and quotes, etc. Bravo, bloggers! 

My swipe at entrepreneurship encompasses launching a proven franchise brand here in South Florida. It's called Nerds On Site. As the former Chief Technology Officer of a very successful franchise company based in West Palm Beach, Florida, ( I was exposed to a wide and diverse sampling of input for my life. I gathered excellent ideas and experiences in listening to knowledgeable co-workers and friends. I routinely attended industry trade shows to learn new things. I interacted with hundreds of great franchisees across the globe. I am well prepared for this responsibility. This is why I consider myself very fortunate.

I derive great pleasure in two things, I like to help others and I like to make people laugh. This precarious mixture allows for some interesting posts and updates. I share what I see, touch, smell, feel, taste and hear. You know what else? I'll mix in two more senses... "common sense" and "sense of humor." These are just as important to yours truly.

About me? I can sum up my professional experience by saying I use creativity and enthusiasm to grow - and I solve problems. I'm not the "art-music-design" kind of creative, I flourish most with an open mind, a blank slate, and a topic to discuss or write about. So it's a form of creative thinking? Yes, that's it. I like to fashion new programs and tackle challenging situations. I use my computer science/programming background to sense what users or customers want, then I discover how get there by staying a few steps ahead of expectations. I strive to start with "out of the box" ideas and end with "out of the ballpark" results.  Mix in a willingness to lean into the pain when necessary (endurance runner training engaged here) and to share what I have experienced so others will learn.

I have a knack for demystifying complex ideas and technology topics and making them easy to understand. That's what I bring to the party.

Oh, before I forget, please don't forget to read the DISCLAIMER! Here it is - Discount some of what I think, it's just an opinion. It may not be the official opinion of our company.  It may not be your opinion.  Take note, if it coincides with how you think, then it's probably borderline genius.  On your part.

Thanks for giving me your time, and visit often.

- dm

 PS - I'm not David Masterson - IMDb actor, I've never been in a movie or show that others would call career material!