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Best feature you didn't know Apple's iOS 13 delivers...

Another month, another update from Apple for your iPhone. By this time, we know to have our device plugged in to attempt the update. And please, please, please - opt to do this overnight so you do not have to watch the small thermometer progress at dripping fudge speed across your screen. I believe you'll prefer the, "Good morning, we are done with the update" message.

Since the update delivers software for a number of iPhone editions, you'll find some features that address the newer muliple camera models of iPhone, new editting tools, etc. There's one feature that should be LOUDLY ADVERTISED but isn't getting the credit it deserves. Here are the details:

There is a new feature that allow you to "tune out" the robo-calls we all receive seemingly on a non stop basis.

This feature is activated by entering the SETTINGS (grey gear icon) and selecting the green PHONE app's icon. 

Once inside PHONE, scroll dow and activate the "Silence Unknown Callers" feature. This will allow people that call you from unrecognized phone numbers to leave a message for you, but will NOT notify you via phone ring or vibration. You will get a notification that a call has come in or a message has been left from the unknown number. 





This feature should help with the growing number of daily interruptions we experience, many that lead to nothing worthwhile.

Give it a try - I believe it has already lowered my blood pressure!