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If you're one of our franchisees, you have heard me recommend 1Password. In light of the LinkedIn password hacking this week and now another similar incident on last.fm, it's interesting to see how people manage their passwords.

1Password by AgileBit Technologies is a program that save your passwords for any and all websites, online memberships, etc. This application runs on all popular platforms and devices. 1Password stores your username and password information securely for easy retrieval… if you know the one, single, “master password” you gave yourself when you start the service. Each time you visit a website that needs a password, you invoke 1Passord to recall your username and password for that site. In order to allow this to occur, 1Password asks you for your master password, then brings forward the correct stored username and password to work for you! It’s a very intuitive system, if you visit a website for the first time - 1Password knows when you’re filling out the profile info and it will offer to save newly entered usernames and passwords. It is rated as very secure, providing you don’t choose a woefully easy master password. It costs $49.99 - with discounts for multiple purchases if you plan on using it on more than one device. 1Password allows for a 30 day trial. My best tip for using this program or app is that I have several 1Passwords working for me on many different devices. All of my 1Password programs on PC, Mac, Macbook Air Laptop and iPhone report to a central repository of encrypted passwords that I keep on Dropbox. So if I change or add passwords on any device, the 1Password on all my devices knows this and adjusts accordingly! This sounds very techie and involved, but users of multiple 1Passwords and devices can easily use Dropbox to allow for the sharing of your precious password data securely among all your devices. 1Password also can develop very secure generated passwords that consist of many characters, numbers and special characters so as not to be easily guessed. You'll use this more and more once you realize that because you have 1Password, you don't have to remember the cryptic string yourself, you're well taken care of by 1Password. You will not regret this purchase, it may quickly grow to be your favorite application too! You have no idea how many passwords you have until this starts cataloging them for you. Relax and practice safe computing with AgileBit Technology’s 1Password. And use it with Dropbox if you have more than one device and want all of your usernames and passwords the same on each of them.