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iOS 6 likes

I installed the iOS 6 update on my iPhone 4s. It downloaded wirelessly and installed in less than 20 minutes. There are some new features that I've dabbled with so far - here are my early frontrunner favs...

  1. Do Not Disturb - In Settings >> Notifications >> Do Not Disturb you can set your iPhone to be silent while you're in an important meeting or let's say, sleeping for the night? This suppresses the buzz or ringtone notifications you'll receive, unless you specify certain people you will "Allow Calls From." Also available, an option to allow repeat callers to come through the Do Not Disturb setting... like perhaps an emergency or persistent caller? Good feature!
  2. Panoramic photos - You have to have an iPhone 5 or 4s because of the processor required, if you do, take a large sweeping periphery photo by panning the camera across your viewing area. Go to Camera >> Options to turn on and use this neat scenery capturing feature! I like pictures, so it's a winner.
  3. Reply with Message - When a call comes in and you're busy or unable to take the call, you can send a text message to the caller as you direct them to your voicemail - all with one press of a button! When an incoming call arrives, your screen now has a small telephone icon in the lower right corner. Sweep it in the upward direction and the option to Reply to eh Call with a message apears. In the Settings >> Phone >> Reply with Message area you can type in up to 3 messages to choose from when you just can't take the call. I get plenty of this, my 3 messages are all setup!
  4. Media in Mail - You can put photos or video clips in the body of your outgoing emails! Hold the blank space in the body of an email and a right-facing arrow will appear next to SELECT, SELECT ALL and PASTE Options. This allows you to Insert photos or Video directly into your email messages. Oh yes!
  5. Facebook tie-ins - This new iOS has Facebook welded to the support beams! You can elect to include your Facebook friends in your Contacts, this gives you the Profile Picture of each friend from their Facebook page, plus pertinent contact info that they have entered into Facebook. Oh, and if you've noted your friend's birthdays or events on Facebook, their all now in your Calendar, too. 
  6. Tap to Post - The new quickest way to drop info on your Facebook wall or to your Twitter account is now by swiping downward from most screen views to get a Tap to Tweet and Tap to Post option. Also the current weather and recent Calendar items of importance are shown. Can't be much faster than that!
  7. Photo share options - Now when you're in Photos, you can elect to share your pictures very rapidly through the following methods - Mail, Text Message, Twitter, Facebook, To Contacts, Print, COPY or Use As Wallpaper. A very complete list of options that shoudl satisfy much of what you'd want to do with pics you've snapped! 

I've only hadd iOS 6 for a few days, but that's what I've enjoyed so far - give them a try!



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